Nanni Diesel N4.85

Engine base Kubota
Designed for sailing yachts as well as sports fishing boats, the N4.85 is a 4-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection. It benefits from the experience of the Nanni Diesel engineering team in the field of marinization and from the latest technological developments by Kubota for the industrial engine base.

E-CDIS injection
The N4.85 is equipped with the E-CDIS injection system, characterized by an injector positioning in the middle of the four valves per cylinder. This technology results in a significant reduction in particulate emissions. The low rated speed of 2800 rpm in combination with the direct injection gives you ease of use and significant fuel savings.

Compact and comfortable
The small size of the N4.85 motor allows it to be installed in the smallest engine compartment.
The wide range of gearboxes with straight or angled axles, mechanical or hydraulic, as well as a Sail Drive drive allows you to take full advantage of the high torque of this engine by tailoring it precisely to your specific boat.
Due to its 3 litre displacement and turbocharacteristics, the N4.85 develops high torque at low revs. Acceleration is faster and cruising speeds are achieved at lower revs. The two balance shafts driven by a gear distribution make the engine robust and reliable while being easy to maintain.

The N4.85 complies with the requirements RCD 94/25/EC BSO 2.


85 Hp (62.5 kW)
2800 rpm
4 In-line, 4-takt Diesel
Cylinder capacity
Engine Weight
3,053 L
350 kg

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